Kat Caprice
Kat Caprice

25, Moscow born & London based.

I am not your typical blogger and I am proud of that. I work in Digital Innovation Labs for the world’s largest retailers as a strategy consultant. I create new customer-facing concepts which have the potential to transform the industry.

But just like you, I have crazy ambitions and interests that I am excited to explore. By the age of 25 I have lived across 3 continents and travelled around 40 countries. I started this blog because I was frustrated by the overuse of existing travel platforms, which were repetitive and out of date. 


I have friends and family who have shown me beautiful parts of the world and I want to share that with you. I want to learn more and hear about the destinations that have inspired you.

This is a very interesting time to be alive, I’m excited to coexist with like-minded creators and explorers. 

This website started in 2015 and all pictures, edits and website developments are made by me, unless otherwise stated. 



Companies I have worked with:

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