Cuban Brunch Takeover

Our friends at Oblique threw the craziest party to date to celebrate their two year anniversary together with my boyfriends birthday! It was a super charged day starting a Cuban brunch and followed by lots of mojitos, salsa dancers and DJs playing back to back into the night.

We gathered from all across London and met at Floripa, a South American beach bar in Shoreditch.  It was a clear, sunny day with artists, performers and party goers roaming the streets, all pleasantly surprised that summer was still with us!

Andy was beckoning us all to the dance floor with his signature moves and we danced and danced and danced until our feet ached and tummies rumbled.

Supper time was rapidly approaching and we headed to The Breakfast Club because who doesn't like to get their boost from beacon and pancakes?! We happily tucked in as we chatted to our old friends from Uni and caught up on our new adventures and stories of the real world.

It was one hell of a party! It was so lovely to get Alexi’s friends together for a evening of silliness to show him just how much he means to us.

A big thank you to Oblique and all of our friends who made it extra special!

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