Frieze Art & Brunch

A few weeks ago, the 14th edition of Frieze was held at Regent's Park in London.

Now established as one of the world's greatest fairs, you can browse the works of the world's leading galleries. I went with my friend Luisa, whom I had met at the Yoga Retreat and was kind enough to organise tickets for me. She works at a contemporary gallery in Madrid (Helga de Alvear) which used to display art at Frieze a few years back. Luisa was there to catch up with a few artists and gallerists, whilst keeping an eye out on any new and interesting pieces.

Luisa was the best person to go with because she was so well informed on the art works and stories behind them. She explained that being distinctive is crucial for contemporary galleries and finding the right mix between newly discovered artists and respected names in the field. The winner of the Frieze Artist Award this year was Yuri Pattison.

After we spent the day exploring Frieze, we took a 5 min drive to Frieze Masters which showcases high-end art from the ancient era to the 21st century. It's basically the place to be to see art from Rembrandt to Picasso. 

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We stopped by Granger & co. for a quick spot of brunch in Notting Hill. It's basically one of London's favorite spots to go on a Sunday and catch up over incredible pancakes. I had the sweet corn fritters, roast tomato, spinach and bacon dish which was pretty good. The ricotta hotcakes with banana were definitely the most popular dish, so gotta try that next time!

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