London Fashion Weekend

This year the Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea opened its doors to London Fashion Weekend. This London gallery has become synonymous with the likes of Damien Hirst and upcoming contemporary artists. A real show stopper was his exhibition titled "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living," where one of the pieces was a thirteen-foot tiger shark preserved in a tank of formaldehyde.

You can imagine the hype that spread through London as soon as the tickets went on sale. An opportunity to shop at exclusive prices (we're talking Chloe handbags for £200!), attend presentations with industry experts and enjoy catwalk shows from the Fashion week designers.

I wore a silk number from Ralph Lauren which I am absolutely in love with (as you can probably tell). We took our seats and watched the casual wear collections from around 20 designers. The three upcoming trends displayed were:

  1. "Into the Wild" aka leopard print on snake print on zebra print and any other print you can get your hands on. The favorites were Roberto Cavalli, McQ Alexander McQueen and By Malene Birger.
  2. "Super Retro" aka 70s loves anything and everything burgundy. Watch out for See by Chloé, Just Cavalli and DKNY.
  3. "Punk," pretty self explanatory. I've always been a major fan of the spiked Burberry Prorsum collection and seriously would love it if that came back.

Take a look for yourself.

Next we explored the sale section. I'll admit I started off with a heavy heart and pessimistic attitude as I didn't think I could afford anything-but it is actually quite affordable! I would recommend anyone to come here just to go shopping. Of course they have the big name designers, but even more interesting was meeting the new kids on the fashion block.

My absolute favorite was a London-based jeans brand called Saltspin. As a brand, they have existed only for 11 months, however they spent over 5 years researching and creating the ideal jean fit. They source their materials from leading suppliers; the zippers are the same ones used by Louis Vuitton for instance.

After hearing all of this I was sold, but still very skeptical as to how their jeans would look on me, as I'm extremely picky. I saw they had a pair of matted black jeans called Onyx which I have honestly been searching everywhere for. And what can I say, they honestly fit like a glove, waist and length wise. Although they are a bit pricier than the type of jeans I would normally buy (£165)  these guys clearly know what they are doing as I very rarely have that instant "wow" moment when trying on jeans.

Everybody, meet the man behind the jean, founder of Saltspin, Manoj.

After all the excitement we left Saatchi for The Good Life Eatery just a few streets down. I shocked everyone in the shop when I said I had never had raw courgette noodles, so had to order the Zucchini Fettuchini. Topped with a bit of goats cheese and mixed in with almond pesto, it is definitely a dish I will try to replicate at home!

Any one can go to this event, so keep an eye for out for tickets next year on because it is worth it.

Did you get up to anything exciting during London Fashion Week?

Kat x

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