Los Angeles In Italy


You may not believe me when I say this, but I have found LA's look alike in Tuscany.

Palm tree lined roads, high fashion boutiques and trendy seaside resorts dotted along the riviera. This is a place where the pace of life is incredibly slow, but the quality of life is incredibly high. 

The fashion houses of Lanvin, Gucci and Prada have created exclusive lines for Forte dei Marmi, and it also happens to be the city where Michelangelo sourced his marble from. If you go, make sure to go to the antique fair in Marconi Square-you will find vintage goodies to die for!

Where to go: Bella Mia for the BEST ice cream! Such a surprise, but my favorite flavour was actually the vanilla! It was truly delicious and the best vanilla I think I've ever had. Second favourite was mascarpone with figs of Romagna. Yum!

When to go: The busiest month is August and much quieter and cooler between May-September. The population of the town grows from 7,000 in the winter to over 150,000 in the summer! 


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