Meeting Manolo Blahnik

Last week Vogue invited me to the Press Release of the new Manolo Blahnik store at the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair.

The brilliant Mr. Blahnik was there himself in the flesh, wearing hot pink loafers (of course!). Luckily, I work just around the corner and was able to change out of my Puma's into something a little more elegant. This was my first official appearance as a Press Release blogger, so it was all very very very exciting for me. The evening was spent sipping on skinny cocktails, chatting away to photographers and meeting Vogue editors and advertisers. #OfficiallyCool

Manolo was surprisingly down to earth and talked to us about his childhood and his early inspirations. My favourite fun fact was that as a child he made his lizard little shoes made out of aluminium foil to walk around in.... I would literally love to have seen that. He also lives in Bath and has a room filled with all of the shoes he has designed-unworn. *sigh* 

Meeting Manolo was awesome. Enough said!

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