Checked into Paros Paradise

At this point it's pretty clear that I have an obsession with Greece and the Cyclades Islands. But once you've experienced the rich history, beauty and irresistible Greek eats, how can you resist? To be honest, there are 30 Cyclades islands and I've only been to 3... so visiting Greece a month later to continue exploring isn't all that crazy right?

Emma and I packed one suitcase, grabbed our passports and rode off to Heathrow Airport. "Not all those who wander are lost"... except that we did get lost, like twice! Wandering through the crowds of excited travelers, we arrived to our gate (or what we thought was our gate) and nearly boarded the wrong plane! Emma somehow managed to walk through but each time the stewardess scanned my ticket it sent off an error alert!

The stewardess then realized we were meant to board the 11:35 not the 11:25 plane to Greece which was at the gate next door. But Emma had already gone through! With hindsight I definitely overreacted. Yelling and running for Emma (stewardess running behind) like an absolute idiot, god forbid she leaves without me. I caught her just before she stepped onto the plane and we were politely pointed towards the correct gate. We couldn't stop laughing at how blonde we were, our minds definitely switched off in holiday mode already!

Fast forward to our glorious arrival at The Parian Village Beach Hotel in Paros. We couldn't believe our luck as we booked this hotel last minute and had zero expectations. Located at the quiet edge of Livadia beach, we were greeted with beautiful panoramic views of Parikia bay and the town just across the water.

We spent our mornings chatting over leisurely breakfasts, as we watched the fishermen and beach loungers gather across the sea side. The next couple of days were generally pretty easy going. We hiked to Krios Beach, drank iced frappes, worked hard on our tans and dove into our books.

For lunch we mostly ate freshly grilled fish and stacks of Greek salad. Tango Mar was by far our favorite beach restaurant, because the food was insanely fresh and crazy cheap. Dishes you must try are the stuffed vegetables and meatballs in tomato sauce!

After lunch was a call for a quick bikini change and an ice cold Mythos from the fridge on our terrace... Yes, our terrace!

For the evening we crossed the beach barefoot and walked to Ephessus to watch the golden shimmering light.

Paros rests in the shadows of the other Cyclades Islands which is a shame. It is as stylish and beautiful as Mykonos and the mountain villages are all the more charming for the lack of tourists and crowds. Just much quieter but the perfect place to go for some sun and rejuvenation!

I will share this with you in my next post as I was way too snap happy to include it all here!

More Parian adventures this week!


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