Side Streets of Portobello Road

Getting lost is always a good idea.

"In greek the word planet means wanderer, or, more poetically, wandering star. With that in mind, we treat travel itineraries as friendly suggestions, less like to-do's and more like to-see-if we are-in-the-mood's. Who's to predict what might catch our eye, or know where a little side street might take us? Knowing our options and then doing whatever we fancy when we fancy it. We call it inspired wandering. Give it a go."

Excerpt from one of my favorite books gifted by my girlfriends, "Places to go, people to see" by Kate Spade.

Here's a map to help with your wanderings around Portobello Road! For this shoot we went to Kensington Park Road, Westbourne Grove and Pembridge Villas.

These photos were taken by my good friend Sam Gillespie ( We met at the University of Bath and he is hands down one of my favourite photographers ever. We have so much fun just vibing off each other, bouncing off ideas, laughing...running around looking for the best light. I honestly just have so much fun doing this. I think it's important to let people know that these shoots don't come from a place of vanity, but from a place of artistic expression and desire to create. I love being able to share an idea that sparked my mind and inspired me...and hopefully others to get out and create. :)

Afterwards, I met up with my housemate Emma whom you may remember from our Greece trips. We went to the Westbury Hotel's Polo Bar in Mayfair which is located just between Regent, Oxford and New Bonds Streets. The interior didn't blow us away (although it was Fendi fitted), but the cocktails are out of this world. The Polo Bar has won the Best Mixology award and is also voted for London's Bar of the year by The London Lifestyle Awards.

The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and proud about what they serve, which makes the experience stand out from other cocktail bars in London. Each cocktail we were served was described with so much enthusiasm and lush detail that it had us in heart eyes for the rest of the night. Also worth mentioning that every cocktail you order comes with a little mini-me cocktail for your friends to try-genius!

We had the Tasting Menu and these were the absolute highlights:

  1. Botanical Gin & Tonic concoction: A delicious blend of Tangueray No.10 gin and Fever-Tree tonics. The coolest part about this drink is that the spices are served in tea strainers and left to sit in the gin so they become super fruity and fragrant. We opted for the camomile and strawberry blend which I could only recommend.
  2. The Mayfair Gold: Tangueray gin shaken with fresh lychees and elderflower, splashed with Moët Brut Rosé NV. Simply sensual. 
  3. Divine: Beluga vodka shaken with passion fruit, lime Galliano and homemad saffron syrup. The name says it all.
  4. Frangelico Cornettos: Not a drink, but one of the canapés we were served. Little cornetto cones filled with hazelnut liquor, pastry cream and caramel and honey cress.  


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