Kat Caprice


Kat Caprice

In participation with Regent Street Fashion & Design Month, Sketch hosted a talk with their designer Zupanc and the renowned Italian gallery owner and design curator, Rossana Orlandi. Sketch is a gastronomic playground located in Mayfair drawing on influences from Japan, Italy and Britian, all underpinned by French cuisine.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am way too obsessed with Sketch-but I don't think thats a bad thing. The contrast between the Lecture Room's classic, bourgeois design to the Gallery's witty art works and eclectic disorder to the Glade's enchanted fairy-tale forest makes it a place like no other. If you ask me for the first place you should visit in London, my answer will be Sketch. Similarly, if you ask me what the interior of my fantasy house would look like? The answer would most definitely be Sketch. 

Meeting the creative minds behind one of the most artistic spaces I have visited was an incredible experience. I am amazed at how they have turned a classical space into a complex contrast of ideas and fairy tales.

So let's get started! Can you guess what this room is?

Have you guessed? The white pods are actually toilets! 

Next is The Gallery decorated edge to edge with Shringley's childlike drawings. Everything has a twist to it, from the phone number stamped on your napkin to the shakers labelled 'dirt' (pepper), 'dust' (salt) and 'nothing' (which indeed contains nothing).

Puppies are my weakness! I can never hold myself back and I will be the crazy person asking you to pet your dog :)

The Creative Talks were held in The Parlour room which is adorned with quirky and eccentric antiques with a Moroccan bazzar touch.

Just look at her! How amazing does she look? Everything about her epitomizes what Sketch has become and it has her style written all over it. 

Galleria Rossana Orlandi was opened in Milan in 2002, transforming a former tie factory to a now avant-garde design show space. Design art pieces are showcased either in her courtyard or inside the gallery which is also a retail store and coffee shop.

Go visit Sketch and let me know your thoughts! If you know any other places in London which look like this, please share with me!

Happy Sunday x


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