Summer in Winter, Tenerife.

My friend Sergei invited my fella and I over for his 30th birthday weekend. No big deal, right? 

Well, this birthday bonanza was to be hosted all the way over in Tenerife. But...always looking for an excuse to do some more traveling, we couldn't say no! We threw our swimsuits into our bags and said bye to a very grey and frosty London.

As soon as we landed, we took a taxi to Las Playa Americas, dropped our luggage in the surf shack and hit the waves. Three hours later the birthday boy picked us up and drove us to a 9 bedroom villa where we met all of his friends for the first time. We were a group from Russia, Brazil, France and Ireland! In total we all travelled 78866 km, which is 20% of the distance to be moon!

We spent the weekend savouring every second under the sun, dancing under the moon light, playing cards against humanity...and my absolute favourite moment... sailing with whales!

Even in the middle of January, the water was 21 degrees. We took our bubbly and watched the sun go down across the blue horizon.

Now feast your eyes on this! Our estate is so blissfully quiet and tucked away. There was nothing but the sound of palm trees waving in the wind and the occasional clink of glasses to accompany the spectacular views.

The gang and I pulled ourselves away from our comfortable beds one day to watch the most glorious sunrise. Tenerife's colour palette. Rosy pinks, custard cremes and cloudless purples.

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