The 2016 Bucket List


To enter another world and experience the euphoria of being completely Lost in Translation. I want to see the extreme contrasts of culture, nature and modernity in this overcharged metropolis. Comically cute everything, neon lights and cherry blossoms. Robots serving ramen, karaoke cafes, harajuku girls. Can someone book me a ticket already please?!


l haven't been back to my home town for seven years, so I would love to visit my winter wonderland this year. My boyfriend is Russian as well, so being able to rediscover Moscow with him would mean so much to be. This year I am definitely Russia bound <3


When I first saw pictures of Cappadocia, I couldn't believe my eyes. Hundreds of hot air balloons lit up against the vast valleys and cone shaped houses... to be honest looked completely photoshopped to me! Now that I know better, wanderlust has completely taken over and I can't stop thinking about exploring this place. 


In particular, Southern Italy's Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre. It's becoming more and more clear to me that I have a strong obsession with cliffside villages which started after my trip to Santorini. There is just something magical and breathtaking about the buildings which tumble down to the sea, particularly when they are sun kissed in pink and terracotta colours. Peach gelato on the beach,bougainvillea lined pathways and stunning Italian architecture. 

I think its another one of those places which doesn't feel real when you are there, but becomes a reality only after you have left.


Never lose your sense of wonder. 2016 We're comin' atcha!

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What about you guys? Are you planning any exciting trips this year?

Kat x

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