Turning 25

The way I see it...last year's birthday getaway was a warm-up for this year. After much deliberation, I decided to celebrate in Bath because I simply miss it so much! It's where I met my boyfriend and my best friends and we hadn't back since graduation (almost three years!), so it felt like the perfect excuse. Plus, it's super close to London and I wanted to show it off to my new friends (some which hadn't even been out of Zone 2)!

It's safe to say that I was counting down the days and the weekend couldn't arrive soon enough! Alexi and I arrived earlier on the Friday to prep the Airbnb and it was AMAZING to see everyone's reaction when they arrived to the house! Three living rooms, two fireplaces, five double rooms,  a huge kitchen and it was just so quintessentially British and fabulous. Check it out here.

That night we went out to the night club, "Second Bridge," which we used to go to as students and danced into the early morning. Saturday was spent brunching, exploring the city and then going back to the house to make dinner and play drinking games. I think we drank something like 16 bottles of wine between the 10 of us...and that's not even counting the patron and vodka!


Thank you so much to everyone for coming and celebrating with me! I felt so blessed to have such wonderful and beautiful friends around me. Bring on 25!!! 

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